What is Safe Deracoxib (Doxidyl) Dosage For Dogs?

Doxidyl (deracoxib) is a popular NSAID drug for dogs commonly used to treat and control pain and inflammation caused by osteoarthritis and postoperative orthopedic and dental surgeries.

Around the world, veterinarians prescribe deracoxib as a pain reliever for canines, and it has proven results to help dogs in controlling pain and keep the pet calm.

In canines, Doxidyl™ works by inhibiting and limiting the production of the enzymes responsible for causing inflammation. 

Before administrating this, every pet owner must know about the safe dosage of Doxidyl, its uses, safety precautions, side effects and safety tips for administering. 

This blog article is an ultimate guide about Doxidyl™ (deracoxib) for dogs, including a dose calculator. 

Deracoxib Doxidyl for dogs

Doxidyl Dosage For Dogs

Doxidyl Dosage For Dogs

The recommended deracoxib Doxidyl dosage for dogs osteoarthritis and postoperative dental pain and inflammation is 1 to 2 mg/kg (0.45-0.91 mg/lb) once daily. For postoperative orthopedic pain and inflammation, the ideal deracoxib dose is 3-4 mg/kg (1.4-1.8 mg/lb) once daily.

Puppies Weight less then 5 kg or age less then four months should not take deracoxib with out vet prescription.

Doxidyl Dosage Chart For Dogs By Weight

Kg Dog Body Weight Dog Weight lbsDoxidyl Dosage For osteoarthritis & postoperative dental painDoxidyl Dosage For postoperative orthopedic pain
5 kg11 lbs5-10 mg15-20 mg
10 kg22 lbs10-20 mg30-40 mg
15 kg33 lbs15-30 mg45-60 mg
20 kg44 lbs20-40 mg60-80 mg
25 kg55 lbs25-50 mg75-100 mg
30 kg66 lbs30-60 mg90-120 mg
35 kg77 lbs35-70 mg105-140 mg
40 kg88 lbs40-80 mg120-160 mg
45 kg99 lbs45-90 mg135-180 mg
50 kg110 lbs50-100 mg150-200 mg

For safety purposes, always use the low dose and only increase the dose with your veterinarian’s advice.

Doxidyl 12mg, 25mg, 75mg,100mg Dosage Chart

Dog Weight Doxidyl 12mg Doxidyl 25mg Doxidyl 75mg Doxidyl 100mg
5 kg1/2 Tablet***
10 kg1 Tablet1/2 Tablet**
15 kg1, 1/2 Tablets1/2 Tablet**
20 kg1, 1/2 Tablets1 Tablet**
25 kg2 Tablets1 Tablet**
30 kg2, 1/2 Tablets1 Tablet1/2 Tablet*
35 kg3 Tablets1,1/2 Tablet1/2 Tablet*
40 kg*2 Tablets1/2 Tablet*
45 kg*2 Tablets1/2 Tablet*
50 kg*2 Tablets1 Tablet1/2 Tablet

The above Doxidyl 12mg, 25mg, 75mg, and 100mg dosage chart is only to be followed for osteoarthritis and postoperative dental pain and inflammation.

For the treatment of postoperative orthopedic pain and inflammation, follow the chart before this one.

Dose Calculator

Which Dogs Should Not Take Doxidyl (deracoxib)?

Doxidyl (deracoxib) is not safe for all dogs. Canines suffering from liver or kidney problems or having hypersensitivity to NSAIDs should not take Doxidyl until a veterinarian advises it. 

The use of deracoxib for pregnant, nursing and puppies younger than four months of age has not been tested.

Make sure to take a vet’s advice for using the treatment.

Side Effects

The commonly reported side effects of Doxidyl in dogs are:

Which Drugs are not to be used with Doxidyl?

Do give your pet Doxidyl parallel with NSAIDs or Pain relievers to avoid the risk of overdosing. 

Safety Precaution

  • Make sure to consult your veterinarian before giving your puppy any medicine.
  • Make sure to administer a safe dose of the drug and avoid overdosing.
  • Always choose the right tablets (mg) according to your puppy’s body weight, and avoid breaking the tablets more than half to avoid any overdosing effect.
  • Doxidyl is not for use in humans and cats. Limit the drug to your dog only.
  • Keep a close eye on your pet after administering the drug to your pet and contact your veterinarian if you observe any adverse effects. 
  • If you are using any other treatment for your pet or your pet has any illness history make sure to discuss it with your vet. 

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