8 Tips To Stop Flystrike in Dogs?

Flystrike in dogs, also known as flystrike dermatitis and myiasis, is an irritating and painful skin condition mainly affecting dogs, cats, pigs and rabbits in summer.

The flystrike dermatitis usually occurs by the invasion of maggots with open wounds under your pet’s skin. 

Canine Flysrike needs proper and immediate care and treatment. Delaying can lead to severe health issues that can be fatal. 

In this blog post, we will discuss the causes, symptoms, treatment and 8 Tips to stop Flystrike in dogs.

What causes fly strike in dogs?

The leading cause of myiasis in dogs is certain flies group that require an intermediate host to sustain and complete their life cycle, including botflies, black flies, blowflies, deer flies, house flies, and flesh flies.

What causes fly strike in dogs?

These insects hatch their eggs in the host’s infected skin, open wounds and even the newborn puppies with the umbilical cords to complete their life cycle. 

Once the adult flies lay their egg in the sustainable region of the host body, they start their cycle to form maggots.

They will begin to harm the wound and penetrate the skin by eating the flesh or infected tissues, thus causing severe skin infections known as flystrike dermatitis.

How to stop flystrike in dogs?

Prevention is better than cure. With proper care and some safety measures, you can prevent your furry friend from myiasis infestation.

Below we listed 8 tips that will help stop flystrike in your dog.

1. Keep your Pet clean

dog grooming

Proper dog grooming prevents your pet from many health and skin issues. Keep your pooch fur, head, ear and other rare parts clean.

Lack of grooming exposes your pup skin and wounds to flies which can be an attractive signal for flies to host their eggs.

2. Prevent You Puppy from Injuries

Wounds and injuries attract insects and flies. Ensure to keep your pet safe from injuries. Don’t let your canine rub against the wall or sharp objects.

If you notice your canine is excessively licking or rubbing, get a veterinarian’s help. Excessively licking and rubbing can increase the risk of skin infections and injury

3. Timely Treat open wounds and skin infections

Flies like to hatch their eggs in intermediate host wounds to complete their cycle more efficiently.

Maggots in the host body sustain themselves by eating the infected tissue and flesh inside the injuries, increasing the infection in the skin.

Don’t leave your puppy’s skin infection and injuries untreated to prevent the risk of flies striking.

4. Protect your pet from fly strike

The best idea to stop canine myiasis is to prevent your puppy from the fly strike, especially in the summer.

Make sure to keep your pet indoors as much as possible,  especially if your pup has any injury or infection.

Keep your indoor clean too to prevent flies from invading. 

5. Prevent your dog from the ill or Infected pets

Dogs can catch several skin infections from other dogs. The best idea is to prevent your pup from the affected dog  having different skin health issues to reduce the risk of catching skin infection and fly strike. 

Canine rare parts are infected easily due to a lack of proper grooming. Infection in the rare parts can lead to other health conditions too.

To stop flystrike, clean your canine rare parts, living area, and bedding after pee or poo. Don’t let your pet lay on the dirt. 

6. Use net curtains to prevent fly strikes

Using net curtains on the doors and windows prevents insects from invading the house. Also, many nets are available in the market for dogs that can help protect the flies approaching your pet. 

7. Improve overall Health 

Pets with good health and strong immune systems get fewer illnesses than pets with compromised health.

Focus on your pup’s health, feed them excellent and safe food and provide sufficient water to keep them hydrated.

8. Take veterinarian help immediately

Dogs’ health should be on priority. If you observe a wound, skin infection, or even flystrike in the early stage, make sure to contact your veterinarian immediately for a timely diagnosis and treatment. 

Symptoms of Myiasis in dogs

The most common symptoms of fly strike in dogs are:

  • 1. The appearance of maggots on the pet’s skin or inside the wounds.
  • 2. Read and itchy skin
  • 3. White discharge from the skin and the wounds
  • 4. Excessive licking and rubbing
  • 5. Increase in the wound area, swelling and  infections
  • 6. Foul smell from the wounds
  • 7. Moist matted hairs
  • 8. Restlessness
  • 9. Pain and fever

Flystrike Dermatitis in dogs Treatment

The treatment options of Flystrike Dermatitis in dogs includes removing eggs, maggots,  larvae of the flies and wound dead tissues.

In minor infestation, it will be done with a standard wound care procedure. However, in severe flystrike dermatitis, a surgical procedure will be done. 

To control further infection and to treat the injury, Systemic or topical antibiotics may prescribe by your veterinarian. 

A safe version of NSAIDs may be administrated for pain relief and fever control. In severe cases, your veterinarian may hospitalize your dog for proper care for 3 to 5 days.


Can house flies cause flystrike in dogs?

Yes, house flies can cause flystrike in dogs. If the Musca domestica hatch its eggs on the host body or inside the wound, they quickly turn into larvae and cause infection in the host body.  

Does Vaseline keep flies off dogs?

Vaseline can be used to keep flies off dogs due to its smell and slippery nature. However, ensure that the petroleum jelly you use does not contain any toxic ingredients for dogs because it will harm more than benefit.  

Are maggots painful for dogs?

The larvae on dogs’ skin will increase the infection and even eat the flesh and dead tissue inside the wound, which can cause severe pain, irritation and inflammation. If the larvae are left untreated, it will lead to a severe stage of flystrike dermatitis and severe blood loss that can be fatal.

Do flea collars keep flies away?

Not all flash collars are used to repel flies from dogs. However, if the collars contain flies repellant ingredients, you can use the same collar as a fly repellant. 

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