(Tylan®) Tylosin Dosage For Dogs | Dose Chart By Weight

Tylosin popular brand name Tylan® is a macrolide antibiotic medicine commonly used to treat intestinal bacteria, diarrhea, colitis, IBD, tear-staining, soft tissue infections, and respiratory infections in dogs.

Generally, Tylosin is a natural antibiotic primarily made of bacteria that promotes and maintains canines intestinal flora while suppressing suppressing harmful bacteria, limiting and killing bacteria by inhibiting the production of proteins.

Tylosin (Tylan®) is not an FDA-approved medicine for dogs; however, the drug is legally prescribed by veterinary off-label around the world.   

To avoid any complications, this is essential for every canine owner to know about the safe dosage, safety precautions, side effects, and safe ways of administration.

This article is a comprehensive guide about (Tylan®) Tylosin for dogs, including a dosage calculator and dosage chart by weight. 

Tylosin for dogs

Tylosin Dosage For Dogs

The ideal dosage of  Tylosin for dogs is 10-20 mg/kg (5-10 mg/lb) every 12 hours. The dosage of Tylan 50 mg/ml Injectable in dogs is 0.2 ml/kg and of 200 mg/ml is 0.05 ml/kg.

Each ml of Tylosin 100g Soluble contains 0.54 gm Tylosin. The dosage of Tylosin 100g Soluble for dogs is 0.04 ml/kg. This means a 25 kg dog can take 1 ml of the Tylosin 100g Soluble.

Tylosin Dosage For Dogs

The drug dosage for your puppy can be increased or decreased depending on the health issues being treated, with your veterinarian’s advice only.

Remember that Tylosin oral and Tylosin liquid require different prescriptions, so follow your veterinarian’s advice.

Tylosin Dosage Chart  For Dogs

Dog Weight Dog Weight Tylan® Liquid Injectable Dosage
3 kg7 lbs30-60 mg
5 kg11 lbs50-100 mg
8 kg17 lbs80-160 mg
10 kg22 lbs100-200 mg
15 kg33 lbs150-300 mg
20 kg44 lbs200-400 mg
25 kg55 lbs250-500 mg
30 kg66 lbs300-600 mg
40 kg88 lbs400-800 mg
50 kg110 lbs500-1000 mg

Tylan® Liquid Injectable Dosage Chart For Dogs

Dog Weight Tylan 50 mg/ml Injectable Dosage (0.2 ml/kg) Tylan 200 mg/ml Injectable Dosage (0.05 ml/kg)
3 kg0.6 ml0.15 ml
5 kg1 ml0.25 ml
8 kg1.6 ml0.4 ml
10 kg2 ml0.5 ml
15 kg3 ml0.75 ml
20 kg4 ml1 ml
25 kg5 ml1.25 ml
30 kg6 ml1.5 ml
40 kg8 ml2 ml
50 kg10 ml2.5 ml

Tylosin 100g Soluble For Dogs

kg Weight DogDog Weight lbsTylosin 100g Soluble Dosage For Dogs
5 kg11 lbs0.2 ml
10 kg22 lbs0.4 ml
15 kg33 lbs0.6 ml
20 kg44 lbs0.8 ml
25 kg55 lbs1 ml
30 kg66 lbs1.2 ml
40 kg88 lbs1.6 ml
50 kg110 lbs2 ml
60 kg132 lbs2.4 ml
70 kg154 lbs2.8 ml

Dosage Calculator

Common Uses of Tylosin In Canines

The Drug is used to treat:

Possible Side Effects:

Reported side effects of using Tylosin in dogs are:

  • Gastrointestinal Upset
  • Decreased appetite
  • Vomiting & Diarrhea
  • Mouth Foaming
  • Growling
  • Protrusion on anus
  • Pain and inflammation in the injection area

Which dogs should not take Tylosin?

Dogs having a known hypersensitivity or allergy should not use Tylosin. Pregnant, nursing and canine having other severe complications such as kidney and liver issues should not take the drug without consulting a veterinarian first.

Puppies weight less then 3 kg use the treatment with the vet advice only.  

In how much time does Tylosin start its effect?

tylosin powder for dogs

In dogs, Tylan starts its effects within 1-2 hours. The injectable form starts its effects more quickly than the oral form. In some canines, the effect may start quickly and vice versa. 

Which drugs should not be used parallel with Tylosin?

Certain drugs, including digoxin, Lincosamides and Chloramphenicol, may interact with Tylosin. Let your vet know if your puppy is on any of the mentioned treatments. 

How to give tylosin to your pet?

Tylosin power has a very bitter taste and may cause excessive foaming in your dog’s mouth. 

You can give the powder from tylosin by packing it in the capsule. The powder and liquid form can be given with or without food. 

The best way is to give the treatment with a safe version of the canine diet. 

Tylosin injection can be administrated IM under the supervision of the veterinarian. 

How long should a dog take Tylosin?

The treatment duration on Tylosin depends on the severity of the health issues and dogs overall performance to the medicine.

However in general a dog can continue taking the drugs from 7-14 days.

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