Why do dogs lick each others Ears? [10 Reasons]

Dogs are well-known for licking each other’s ears, but what is the reason behind this behavior? Some people believe that dogs lick each other’s ears because they enjoy the taste or smell of their partner’s ear.

Others believe the behavior has a more practical purpose, such as cleaning the partner’s ear or soothing it.

However, the Dogs Escort team has found the most valid reasons for dogs liking other dogs’ ears.

In this blog post we have explained 10 Reasons of the behavior and how you can stop your pet from licking other pet ears.

Why do dogs lick each other’s ears?

Dogs typically lick each other’s ears as a sign of affection. It is also a way for them to communicate their feelings to one another. In some cases, dogs may also lick each other’s ears as a way to clean them. Ear licking is just one of the many ways that canines show submission or respect for one another.

1) Grooming

When you think of a dog licking its partner’s ear, the first thing that may come to mind is an act of affection. However, puppies often lick each other’s ears as a grooming ritual.

This behavior helps to remove dirt and debris, and it can also help to prevent ear infections.

Partners pets often possess each other’s grooming and clean certain parts that a partner can not groom themselves, such as ears and rare parts.

Dogs have an innate sense of hygiene and often clean themselves by licking their fur. However, they cannot reach some areas of their body, such as their ears or rare parts.

This is where their partner comes in. The partner ensures that the dog is clean and healthy by taking care of these areas. In return, the pet is often very protective of its partner, guarding them against harm.

This mutual grooming helps to strengthen the bond between the two dogs and keeps them both healthy and happy.

2) Sign of Affection

Many people believe that dogs adopt certain behaviors to show affection for their partner dogs. One of the most common signs of affection is licking the ears and face.

dog affection for dog

While this may seem like odd behavior to humans, it is a way for canines to show their love and devotion.

In the wild, dogs will often lick other dogs’ faces to groom them and keep them clean.

This behavior has carryover into domesticated dogs and has become a way for them to show their affection.

3) Submission Or Respect

In the canine world, licking can have different meanings depending on who is doing the licking and who is being licked.

For example, a dominant dog may lick the ear of a subordinate dog as a way of showing dominance, while a submissive pooch may lick the ear of a dominant dog as a sign of respect.

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4) Stress and Anxiety

A dog’s licking can signify affection, but it can also indicate that the dog is stressed or anxious. When a pup licks its own body, it is often trying to relieve itchiness or discomfort.

However, when a dog licks another dog’s face or body, it may be trying to convey a message of submission. In addition, pets may lick their paws as a way of self-soothing.

This behavior is often seen in canines who are suffering from separation anxiety.

If your furry friend is exhibiting any of these behaviors, it is important to consult a veterinarian or animal behaviorist to find the underlying cause.

Stress and anxiety can lead to many different behavioral problems in dogs, so getting help from a professional is important if your pet exhibits any signs of distress.

5) Ear Infections

Dogs are attracted to the smell of other dogs’ ear infections and may start licking the infected ears. If you notice a dog is licking your dog’s ears, make sure to check the ears for infection.

Ear infections are common in canines and can be caused by several things, including allergies, parasites, and bacteria. If left untreated, ear infections can lead to serious health problems, including hearing loss.

If you suspect your puppy has an ear infection, take them to the vet for an examination. The vet can prescribe medication to clear up the infection and prevent it from returning.

In the meantime, keep an eye on your pet’s ears and clean them regularly to help prevent further infection.

6) Ear Mites

It’s not uncommon to see dogs licking each other’s ears, and while it may be annoying to us humans, there could be a perfectly good reason for it.

One possibility is that the dog has ear mites, tiny parasitic creatures that live in the ear canal and feed on wax and oil. Mites can cause irritation and discomfort.

Some dogs seem to enjoy the sensation of having their ears licked, providing a way for them to get relief from the itchiness. So, if you see your pet licking another dog’s ears, they could just be trying to help a friend.

7) Soothing the Partner

While a pup ear may seem like an unlikely target for licking, this behavior serves an important purpose. When a dog licks another dog’s ear, it is often trying to soothe its partner.

This may be because the ear is filled with nerve endings, which can be calming when stimulated. This behavior is also often seen in dogs experiencing anxiety or stress.

By licking their partner’s ear, they are trying to communicate that they need reassurance and support. Dogs who frequently lick their partner’s ear often have a strong bond and are very loyal to one another.

8) Interest in the Ear Wax

Many people consider ear wax an unpleasant nuisance, but it can be a source of pleasure for dogs. When one canine licks another’s ear wax, they are usually motivated by the taste or smell of the wax.

The ear wax may contain traces in some cases, making it especially attractive to other pets.

Ear wax can also provide a canine with important information about another dog, including their ear’s health. 

9) Behavioral Issues

While most dog owners are used to their furry friends exhibiting occasional odd behaviors, some canine behavior issues can be irritating. One such behavior is when a puppy licks another puppy ears.

Not only is this behavior unappealing to many people, but it can also lead to ear infections in the dog being licked.

There are a few things that dog owners can do to discourage this behavior.

For example, discouraging ear-licking by redirecting the dog’s attention to another activity or providing chew toys for the dog to focus on.

Most canines can learn to curb their ear-licking habits with patience and training.

10) Communication

Dogs are known for their loyalty and companionship. But what about their incessant licking? While some dog owners may find this behavior gross or unsanitary, many experts believe that licking is a form of communication for dogs.

Dogs have saliva containing pheromones, chemicals that can convey information about the licker’s emotional state. When a dog licks another dog, it may be trying to convey a message of submission, affection, or even aggression.

In some cases, puppies may also lick people to show appeasement or ask for a treat.

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How do I stop my dog from licking my other dog’s ear?

How do I stop my dog from licking my other dog's ear?

You can try these 4tips to stop your dog from licking other dog ears.

1. Train your dog

As any pet owner knows, training a pet takes time, patience, and a lot of treats. However, the effort is often worth it, as a well-trained dog can be a joy to be around.

Not only will they listen to your commands, but they will also be less likely to display unwanted behaviors, such as excessive barking or jumping on guests.

One of the best ways to prevent your pet from developing these habits is to start training early.

The sooner you begin teaching your dog basic obedience commands, the easier it will be to prevent them from developing bad habits later on.

If you notice your dog starting to display unwanted behavior, don’t hesitate to seek out professional help. A qualified trainer can teach your pup the proper way to behave and help prevent them from developing irritating habits.

You can also get help from Dog Training for Beginners Guide.

2. Discourage the behavior

One of the most important things you can do as a pet owner is to discourage your dog from unwanted behaviors. This can be anything from chewing on furniture to barking excessively.

The first step is to identify the behavior you wish to extinguish. Once you have done that, there are a few different ways to discourage it.

For example, if your dog is chewing on furniture, or licking another pet in the house you may provide him with chew toys or set up a dog gate to keep him out of certain rooms in the house.

If your pet is barking excessively, you may need to provide more exercise or attention. The key is to be consistent in your efforts and remain patient while your dog learns what behaviors are acceptable.

3. Keep your dog stress free

Dogs are incredible creatures that can provide us with companionship, love, and laughs. Stress and anxiety in dogs can lead a pup to symptoms including panting, restlessness, and pacing.

Dogs are highly social animals that thrive on routine and positive human interaction. To your pet from this situation it is important to create a calm and stress-free environment for your dog.

This may include establishing a daily routine, providing plenty of exercise and playtime, and showing them plenty of love and affection.

4. Provide Alternative

Dogs enjoy licking other dogs for many reasons. It could be because they want to show submission, want to play, or they’re anxious.

However, when pet owners allow their dogs to lick other dogs, it often leads to frustration or even fights.

In order to stop your pet from licking other pets, you should provide them with certain dog toys or give them positive reinforcement when they don’t lick.

Canine toys that can keep your dog’s attention will help distract them from licking other pets. You can also give your dog a treat or scratch its head when they refrain from licking.


Why do dogs lick each other’s mouths?

1. Dogs licking each other’s mouths is a sign of affection and socialization.
2. It can also be a way for dogs to show submission to another dog or pack leader.
3. In some cases, licking other dogs mouth can be a sign of excitement or nervousness in canines.
4. Pups also lick each other’s mouths as part of their grooming routine, which helps keep their fur clean and free of debris.
5. Some dogs may also lick another dog’s mouth as a sign of dominance.
6. Some dogs simply enjoy the taste of their fellow canine’s saliva!

Why do dogs lick human ears?

There are several reasons why dogs might lick human ears. It could be simply because they enjoy the taste or texture of our skin, because they want to show us affection, or because they’re trying to communicate something specific.

Other Possible Reasons are:

  • Dogs may enjoy the taste of salt on human skin.
  • Dogs may be seeking attention or affection from their owners.
  • Dogs may be trying to communicate something, such as hunger, thirst, or a desire to play.
  • Dogs may enjoy the sensation of licking.

Why do dogs lick each other’s jowls?

There are a few reasons why dogs might lick each other’s jowls. One reason could be that they are trying to show affection. Dogs often lick each other’s jowls to show their low and to welcome its partner.

Another reason could be that the dog is trying to get something off the other dog’s face. Perhaps there is food stuck in the fur or a bit of dirt on the jowls that the dog wants to clean off.

Some canines enjoy the taste of their fellow canines and like to lick them for no particular reason.

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